Woodstock was a music festival held August 15–18, 1969 near Bethel, NY

Richard Prince

It's a Free Concert from Now on Woodstock 1969, 2004

Ektacolor print

76 x 85 cm.



Interview magazine 2008

Richard Prince: We go down to Woodstock like once every two months. It’s pretty near where we live. I’ve always wanted to go back to the field where the original festival took place in Bethel [New York], Max Yasgur’s farm. Apparently they have a marker there now and it’s a public space. I always wanted to go back there. I wanted to go back to that field and take a photograph of it. The same place where I took my one photograph of Woodstock.

Glenn O'Brien: With the one frame that you had left in your camera.

RP: You don’t believe that, do you?

GO: After all these years, there are a couple of things that I’m still not quite sure about...