San Juan Art Diary -- Spring 2019

Jan & Lillian at opening reception for PLASTIC RAW BAR, an exhibition of new sculpture by Jaime Rodriguez Crespo now on view at his gallery Recinto Cerra located at 619 Calle Cerra in Santurce. 

"I've prepared a sculptural 'raw bar' (with oysters, clams and mussels) based on the fact that these mollusks feed on the impurities in the water and those microplastics confuse them and do not let them reproduce. As this ocean pollution proliferates, we will eventually be left without these foods," the artist explained in an interview with San Juan newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

Photos by Javier Rosado.

We also attended I'M NOT DRUNK, a group exhibition curated by artist Radames Juni Figueroa, presented by gallery KM 0.2  located on the second floor, rear entrance of the same 619 Calle Cerra building. The most interesting piece for us was a sculpture by Mariela Pabón Navedo which uses a small sized thermal receipt printer to print-out a series of her captioned drawings at the push of a button. We collected three of those drawings then bought a frame and mounted the drawings together with the KMart receipt for the frame.


KM 0.2