It takes two to TANG(le) / sometimes three or more ...

LIVING WITH DUCHAMP, TWO / ROSE OCEAN, exhibition curated by artist Michael Oatman and Tang Museum director Ian Berry opened in Saratoga Springs, NY, Feb 17, 2018, coinciding with the birthday of our daughter Lydia Mulero. Featuring over 50 artists, the exhibition was designed by students from Oatman's RPI architectural seminar on Marcel Duchamp. Inspired by exhibitions organized by Duchamp, the installation includes surprises and more than a few unexpected obstacles

The revised, final list of artists in the exhibition includes works by Lillian Mulero and Fred Escher along with Jan Galligan's collage from 1974 honoring Fat City School of Finds Art founder, Lowell Darling. 

Pictured are Michael Oatman's students with director Ian Berry and exhibition coordinator Torrance Fish reviewing the model for the installation. 

Lillian Mulero's MIRROR painting, oil on silver leaf, 1990. Exhibited in the exhibition INTERROGATING IDENTITY which traveled to Grey Art Gallery, NYU; Museum of Contemporary Art, Boston; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; and Madison Art Center, Madison, WI during 1991 and 1992. Permanent collection Tang Museum, 2017. (on the right) Robert Gober, UNTITLED, 1992 - 1996.

Fred Escher's CONVERSATIONS WITH MARCEL, black and white photograph, 1970. From the collection of Lydia Mulero, donated to Tang Museum permanent collection, 2017.

(foregraond) Jan Galligan's WOMAN OF THE CENTURY, collaged magazine cover with magic marker, homage to Lowell Darling, 1974. First exhibited in LIVING WITH DUCHAMP (1) at the Tang Museum, 2003. Acquired by the Tang, 2017.(background) Jasper Johns, CUP 2 PICASSO, signed lithograph 1973.

Exhibition overview. Exhibition photos by Lydia Mulero, Feb 17, 2018

Exhibition detail, showing the PEEPHOLE, described by Lydia as "In the peephole was a film that featured Paul de Jong played over a two way mirror so you could see the people in the gallery walking around behind the film. The people didn’t know you could see them unless they’d already looked in the peephole."

ARTISTS LIST WITH STRINGS, which Lydia said "were an audience participation effort. You could tie one string on the artist wall which lead to the next wall over with the names of the students who put together the show." Doing this would create a maze, which Oatman suggests might eventually make the exhibit nearly impassable.

Richard Lovrich's 2003 photograph of Galligan looking into the PEEPHOLE at the first LIVING WITH DUCHAMP EXHIBIT at the Tang. Galligan used this photo for the announcement card for his 2006 exhibition at Albany Center Galleries.

Jan Galligan's collage APOLONINE ENAMELED, 1972, exhibited in a Duchamp themed exhibition curated by Kasalina Maliamu Nabakooza and Michael Oatman, at the Schelnutt Gallery, RPI, Troy, NY, 2016.